About The ADMS
About the American Donkey and Mule Society

The ADMS was founded in 1967 in order to promote and support donkeys and mules in the US and worldwide.  The founder, Paul and Betsy Hutchins, have devoted both their lives and their homes to these long-eared equines.  The ADMS has grown from a single-typewriter volunteer operation to multicomputer and paid staff.  The journal  of the ADMS is the BRAYER magazine published bi-monthly.

Your Membership in ADMS gets you a large, basic information membership packet. This includes all the BRAYER magazines printed from January of the year you join, a membership certificated, book catalog, basic information sheets, and membership leaflet.

Membership cards are included in the first issue of the BRAYER each year.  Membership includes subscription to the BRAYER magazine and registration priviledges for your animals.  NO hidden fees for member/nonmember status or hobby versus pro.

PLEASE NOTE:  Memberships are from January to December.  You may join in or renew at any time during the year and you will get everything published from the beginning of the year.  If you renew again in December you will be right on schedule from then on.  We do not let you miss a copy of the BRAYER because you join or renew late.  (You will still get the Jan/Feb issue and such even if you renew March...)

IT'S ROLLOVER TIME - Rollover time happens each October.  This means that in October, memberships will be for the following year (Oct 2009 join and your membership will be for 2010) , but from Oct-Dec 2009 you will still get V6 of 2009 to keep you going until the first 2010 issue is mailed.

When you Register your Longears you help to

* Establish Pedigrees
* Keep records of births and ownership
* Show pride in your longears!

Registration forms for the following registries available on the ADMS site.

Est. 1958.  Over 57,500 Miniature Donkeys registered, the largest and oldest registry for Miniature Donkeys

THE AMERICAN DONKEY AND JACKSTOCK REGISTRY  established 1967, this is the registry for yourAmerican Miniatures (untraced or partial pedigrees)  Standard and Large Standard donkeys and Mammoth Jackstock.  Over 13,000 animals listed in ADR.

Established in 1967. We list all sizes and types of mules from Miniature to Saddle to Draft in this registry.

THE ZEBRA HYBRID/BLOODSTOCK REGISTRY.  Established 1997, this new registry keeps track of zebra crossbreds and the zebra bloodstock used to breed hybrids.

THE AMERICAN MULE RACING REGISTRY: Administered by the ADMS for the American Mule Racing Assn, this registry lists only those mules and hinnies used for racng under the AMR.

All winners are featured in the BRAYER.

Versatility Hall of Fame:  Our most popular program.  Donkeys, mules, or zebra hybrids get points for everything they do in public, and the things you do with them in private, such as trail riding and training.

Miles and Hours Program:  Your longears and you pile up the Miles and Hours - riding, driving, packing - even ponying the youngsters or little guys.

Merit of Breeding :  This is a showing award for the offspring of registered donkeys, mares, stallions or zebras (the sires and dams of your registered donkey, mule, hinny, or zebra hybrid).  Offspring accumulate show points to contribute to  the parent's award.

ADMS also donated completion ribbons to competitive and endurance rides for mules or donkeys finishing these rides.

To join ADMS, just send a check or MO with a note including your full postal mailing address to:

PO Box 1210,
Lewisville TX 75067

You may list an individual or all members of a family- no special fees for family or business memberships!

No forms required!  Want to use our online Membership form?  Click Here for the link to the ADMS Pre-online page. .

Membership is $23.00 in the US, $30.00 in Canada, $45.00 overseas.  WE NOW ALSO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS and PAYPAL!  We also takes  checks or MO in US funds (cash will be accepted if you wish to risk sending cash by mail).

The BRAYER magazine:

*112 pages
* Published bi-monthly (6 issues per yr)
* Part of your membership to the Society
* Covers all types of useful and interesting information -

Breed information
Training Articles
Feed, Foot Care, Husbandry
Breeding Information
Medical Information
Stories about People and Longears
Many Photos
Show information and Photo coverage
Historical Articles
Book and Video Reviews
Poetry from Members
and much more!!!

* Our Advertising is Longears-related only
*Trade ads with other magazines and leads to find other magazines, websites, organizations and more
* Lots of photos and art
* international coverage!

The BRAYER is the largest and oldest publication in the world which exclusively  features donkeys, mules and zebra hybrids of all breeds/types and sizes.


Our Buyer's Guide:  List of places to buy the tings you need, from Art to Harness, from Medical Supplies to Videos - Just $1.00 for the Guide.

ADMS Medical Research Fund:  Member contributions support medical research by Universities and Vet shcools pertaining to how Donkeys and Mules differ from horses.

Color Research:  Our independent studies work with breeders, equine geneticists and breeding records to identify and standardize color genetics and terminology in longears.  Your donations can help us get to the root-level, the actual genes behind coloration in equines.  Some color-related health problems will also be investigated.

ADMS Equine Library:  Come here to do your research!  WE have a huge library of donkey, mule and horse books from all over the world.



We can make you known to others and help others find you!  Our networking helps everyone!

BREEDERS:  Our Computer Database Listing is free to you.  In whole (as in a National List of breeders) or in part, broken by state, breed or type, this list is sent out to hundreds of people each year to help them find breeders of the Longears they want.

We have a large listing of breeders, farriers, trainers, etc, in the BRAYER magazine.

We give personal help to get people together with other people, with other magazines, and with other clubs and groups.

FREE CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS list available.

The American Donkey and Mule Society is the World's largest Single Source of Information and Services for all sizes and types of Longears!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you had contact information that gave our old Denton address or phone number, you have reached the right place, we moved in 2001!  As anyone in this day and age who has experienced a move after 30+ years in the same location knows, it is very difficult to update the address everywhere!

Please take a moment to update your contact listings (on forms, flyers, website, etc).
Our OLD address WAS ADMS, 2901 N. Elm St., Denton TX 76201 - either 817-382-6845 or 940-382-6845 were listed as our phone  number and NEITHER is correct anymore! Those are long gone!!!  The Only correct address is PO BOX 1210, Lewisville TX 75067.

The  correct contact information is:
PO Box 1210,
Lewisville TX 75067
Phone 972-219-0781
www.lovelongears.com is our website.


We look forward to having you as  members!

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