Flyers and Handouts
Our newest color brochure - perfect for school presentations, for 4-H projects, or as a backer on your booth.  One free with each membership, or a bundle of 50 for $10.00

Free flyers about our books, or general overview of the ADMS and our services.  We can send 10 to 500, and you are also welcome to ask for an original to make as many copies of this type of flyer as you like.  We usually print on mixed pastel or bright colors.

3-fold color Donkey or Mule brochures.  Brief overview about Donkeys and mules, photos, terminology.  Excellent for projects or at expositions.  One of each free to each member, additional copies 20 cents each, 10 for $2.00 25 for $4.00, 50 for $9.00.  Be sure to state whether you wish to have the Donkey or Mule or both.

Flyers of the Clipart collections, also flyers of "photo Sheets" and other general flyers available.  Please be sure to contact us well in advance of your event so we can have time to deliver via the Post Office.  Feel free to
e-mail your requests or questions at any time!