Donkey and Mule Stickers (Decals)
Brand new for Summer 2009!  Full color, weather resistant sticker for car or trailer!  Features three donkeys and Love-Longears! $4.00
New Got Mules sticker!  Full color, weather resistant, for car or trailer.  With two lovely Draft mules in harness.  $4.00  (4x6"_
New for Summer 2009.  Stndard-sized 3" x 10" bumper sticker, full color!  Love Longears in bold red on black, featuring a big donkey!  $4.00
Sticker BB - Brown and white, round.  An ADMS/Hee Haw Exclusive.  $2.00 each
Sticker DD "Mules can Do" Black on Yellow. 3 3/4" square.  $2.00 each
Sticker EE Miniature donkeys.  3 3/4" square.  $2.00 each
Sticker FF "Donkeys Can Do".  Black on yellow background, 3 3/4" square.  $2.00 each 
Sticker J - "Mules Can Do" white background with red lettering and black ink.  Features a jumping mule under saddle.  $2.00 each
Sticker K - "Mules can Do".  White background, black ink and red lettering, shows a mule hitched to cart.  $2.00
Sticker LL - Mules can Do, Yellow and black bumper sticker, 3 3/4" x 7".  $2.00