The Brayer
The BRAYER magazine
Journal of the American Donkey and Mule Society
The ORIGINAL All-Breed Longear Publication
The BRAYER is 112 pages of information about all breeds/sizes/types of Longeared Equines from Miniature to Mammoth, Mule to Zebra Hybrid.  Printined bi-Monthly (6 issues per year).

Memberships run Jan-Dec, so when you join (before Oct 1) you will get all of the issues for that year (if you join in March you will still get Jan/feb, Mar/April  and the remaining issues of 2008).

It's just $23.00 if you live in the USA ($30.00 in US funds for Canadian members, or $35.00 for overseas). We now accept credit cards!  You can phone in your renewal or new membership, use paypal, or still send a check or money order to :

PO Box 1210
Lewisville TX 75067

No form is needed, you can just drop us a note or you can print this page and request membership.

Each issue the BRAYER is packed with all sorts of information including useful articles by trainers, owners, breeders, professionals; fun articles about members and their longears; product reviews; items of interest; solutions; calendar of events; breeders, classified ads, and MUCH more!
If you would like to see a sample issue of the BRAYER, we would be happy to send you a back-issue from 2006 or 2007 (if we send you a 2008 issue, you would get a duplicate when you join).  Samples are just $3.00 per issue OR - if you would like to get the available back-issues from 2007, (we have most of the 6 issues in stock and will send what we can) as about the COMBO.  Please be sure to specify the year on Back Issues in your request.

We have several  COMBO specials, which is a reduced price to get various backissues as well as the current year!


All of our covers feature Artwork, by famous artists such as the Mule-innium cover by Bonnie Shields, to Western Artists to members art.
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