Work and Training Books
A Logical Approach to Longears 
By Meredith Hodges
The best book ever written devoted exclusively to training mules.  The first book of its type to include training donkeys. However it is best with mammoth or very large donkeys.   Starting with the foal, Hodges gives you step by step methods that reveal her secrets for turning out a winning performance, riding and showing.  This book is lavishly illustrated with photos showing all steps. over 220 pages, with color insert. Hardcover. $39.95 plus $2.00 additional shipping (over regular shipping cost, large heavy hardbound book).

DVD for Training Mules and Donkeys  WATCH Meredith's 40 minute video to see her illustrate her techniques.  Study the Workbook to clarify the finer points of training!

# 1 Foal Training
In two volumes, with Introduction to Mules and Donkeys (what makes Mules different from a horse, understanding your mule by understanding the donkey) and VERY important, what you must know about NI (Neonatal isoerythrolisis) in mules.  Vol 2 covers handling and training the mule foal, from Haltering, tying, leading, showmanship, and loading into a trailer.

# 9 Keys to Training the Donkey.  Introduction and Basic Training.  
In three volumes, V1 covers Understanding the Donkey, the differences between the donkey and mule, imprinting for foal and adult, tying and leading, the obstacle course, trailer loading and showmanship. V2 covers measuring up your animal for athletic potential. V3 covers the donke Jack - Socialization, the young jack, breeding, and special problems. 
#10 Keys to Training the Donkey:  Saddle Training and Jumping
Volume 1 covers  Basics in the Roundpen, Trotting, mounting, Patterns and obstacles at the walk and trot, and the Canter.  Volume 2 covers Lateral training, lenthening the stride, Jumping, and Massage for your athlete.

Training Donkeys 
As above, written by Meredith Hodges for training donkeys, with the differences between donkeys and mules highlighted.  As a companion for the Training DVDs.
University of Wyoming
A very useful book on packing horses, mules and burros.  Equipment, how-to, supplies, hitches and knots, survival and more. Used as a teaching manual at the University it is packed with information and illustrations. Paperbound, 86 pages. $12.00

Lynn R. Miller
Large, Practical, on farming with horses, & mules. Lots of how-to on harness and hitching, driving teams & wagons, farm work, care and feeding etc. Book is 11" by 8 1/2" size. Very nice! 150 P. paperbound, illus. with photos and drawings, diagrams. $15.00  ON BACK ORDER 7-27-07

Western Horseman
A small booklet geared toward breeding and raising the horse foal, but applicable for mule breeders or donkey breeders.  Written by a vet for the Western Horseman series, simple and easy to read with color photos.  Good reference for the beginner or small-farm breeder.  Highly recommended  $7.50

Doris Ganton
An excellent step by step how-to book which teaches you to train a horse, mule or donkey to pull a single hitch cart.  Very comprehensive on single driving.  Clearly illustrated steps.  Complete and easy to follow.  Paperbound, 85 pages, large format and lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings.18.00.

W. Dayton Sumner
The best thing about this book is that it is extremely good on training and the psychology of the equine as well as being directed towards how to change bad or dangerous habits for the better.  Most of the bad habits in stable, harness and under saddle are addressed.  Highly recommended. 218 p. paperbound, illus with photos. $10.00

So often people want to learn how to train a team of mules, horses or donkeys and learn how to drive them.  All this info. Is now condensed into a profusely illustrated big book by well known expert Lynn R. Miller.  The first part of the book is devoted to training a team of equines for farm work or any kind of team driving.  The second part is on how to be a good driver of the team.  A much needed book!  Very complete and detailed, Paper, 352 PP,  $24.95

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