The Definitive Donkey

Paul & Betsy Hutchins, revised/edited by Leah Patton

Greatly expanded, over 300 pages with more photos, illustrations, tips.  Sections include: History of donkey breeds, Selecting your donkey, building the breeding herd, breeding, handling the jack, catration, health, care, the orphan foal, basic first aid, basic genetics, selecting and fitting tack, harness and saddle training, and much, much more!!!  Even an added index for faster reference! Written with all size donkeys/asses in mind, with special sections for Miniatures and Mammoth Jackstock.   Highly recommended for the new donkey owner.  If you have never owned a donkey or horse, this is the best beginner book you can start out with.  Training illstrations show body condition, photos on how to lead, on harnessing, and more.  $20.00 plus $5.00 for Priority Mail shipping (USA, or one pound shipping cost Canada/Overseas.) 

Start out with this book as the foundation of you longear Library.

(Second edition, yellow cover.  If you have the old first edition with the white cover, you will find this has a hundred pages more than the first edition.)