The Shady Donkey Clipart Collections
The Shady Donkey Clipart collections
Exclusive Longear and Equine Clipart for your computer
- CD, in both bitmap and .tif forms.  (for Mac or PC)
55 unique images (saved 2 ways for 110 images) EACH DISK.

Copyright-free Artwork:  For use in newsletters, business cards, notecards, t-shirts, wallpaper for your computer desktop, background for web pages  - anything you like!!!

Each collection comes with a full-image catalog and one CD.  Multiple collections can now be burned on one CD (we no longer have 3.5 floppy capability).

$22.00 each, ppd.  $42.00 for two (ppd), $58.00 for three (ppd).
Other volume discounts available.

Vol 1 - All Longears - Mini Donkeys, Mules, donkeys, performance and fun!
The FIRST EVER all - Longears collection!
Volume 2 - All Miniature Donkeys - halter, performance, headstudies, foals.
Volume 3 - All Mules - Drafters, Saddle Mules, English, Western, Mini mules, headstudies etc.
Vol 4 - Longeared Foals  - mini donks, mules, donkeys, zebra and hybrid babies.
Volume 5 - Longears Can Do - All performance - donks & mules under saddle, harness, & more.
Volume 6 - Equus Glorious - All breeds: horses, donks, ponies, mules, exotic equines!
Volume 7 - All Donkeys - Standards, Burros, Jackstock, Miniatures!
Volume 8 - Equus Too!  - More of your favorite breeds of long &short-eared equines.
Volume 9 - Jackstock and Mules - Mammoth Jackstock, Saddle and Draft Mules.
Volume 10 - Beautiful Babies - All Equine foals - ponies, donkeys, horses, minis, mules!
Volume 11 - Bustin My Ass - all cartoons, silhouettes and fun longear clipart!
Vol 12- Farm Life - Mules, Donkeys, Horses, cows, lambs, piglets, farm dogs, tractors, more!Volume 13 - More Mules!  All Mules in all events and halter!
Volume 14 - Drafters!  Percheron, Clydes, Draft mules, in harness and at liberty!
Volume 15 - Color Breeds - Appys, Pinto, Paint, spotted Longears....
Volume 16 - GAITED!!!  ASB, TWH, Hackney, Paso, Gaited mules...
Volume 17 - The Noble Arab - All Arabian Horses!
Volume 18 - Western Style - Western Performance and events.
Volume 19 - Wild Equids - Ponies, Mustangs, Wild Asses, Zebras
Volume 20 - Equus III - More of your favorite breeds!
Volume 21 -  Spanish Flair!  Andalusians, Pasos, Lippizaners, More!
Volume 22- Ponies & Miniatures - Mini donkeys, horses, & pony breeds
Volume 23 - Ye Olde Cliparte - Dragons, Damsels, longears too
Volume 24 - English - Hunters (fences & flat) jumpers, dressage

Volume 25 - Bits & Pieces - filler, etc - buy English,  Western or Harness  AND one BREED collection and get Bits & Pieces Free!!! (or $5.00 with any other 2 collections)

Vol 26 - Dogs and Agility  -  popular breeds, frisbee and agility dogs.
Vol 27  -  Animals At Large Pets and other animals
Vol 28  - Wild Creatures  (lions, tigers, etc....)
Vol 29 - Party-A-Long  - Holiday Longears!!! Valentines, Christmas, Easter, St. Paddy's day,4th of July, Hallowe'en, New Years and more!
Vol 30 -Love Longears - Another All-longears halter & performance collection
Vol 31 -  All Harness  -  By popular demand, Equines in harness
Click on any image set and use View Image to see these closer.  Sorry, but we cannot offer them at higher resolution as we have had them copied/stolen off the sites before.  We charge a very small fee in comparison to the amount of work and time that went into creating, scanning and preparing them.  You may NOT copy and use any images directly from this site.  Thank you.