Jewelry and Gift Items
Pewter donkey pin, tietack back 

Spotted Donkey pin, tietack back

About 1 1/2" long.  $4.00 each (postage $1.00) about 1" long.  $6.00 , postage $1.00

Also available - A Hee Haw Exclusive!!!

Miniature Donkey Head ornaments and wall hooks.

In cut black metal - unfinished or hand-painted in a variety of Miniature Donkey colors!

Unfinished ornament $5.00, Painted $8.00
See below for list of color choices.

As a wall hook - single sturdy hook welded to the bottom of the neck. Use int he house for hats, keys or the like, or in your stable as halter hooks.  Perfect gift items - stocking stuffers, or barn ornaments!
Wall Hook - Unpainted or flat black $7.00.  Painted, $10.00

Shipping on ornament - $2.00 first, $.50 each additional. .  Shipping wall hook - $3.00 first, $.75 each additional.

Colors for the Exclusive Mini Donkey Head Ornament or Wall Hook:

Gray with Light Points.
Gray with Dark Points.
Black with white points
Brown with white points
Brown with dark points
Sorrel with white points
Gray & White Spotted
Brown and White Spotted
Frosted Spotted white.
(STARS can be added to any solid color at no extra charge. )

Silver donkey, about 1 3/4" long.
A: Pin ($3.00)
B. Earrings ($3.00 per pair)
c: Keyrings ($3.00 each). (shown below)

Shipping for A, B or C $1.00 first, $.50 each additional.

Bell Hanging - Iron Donkey, beads, creamyshells, and melodic brass bell.  $8.00, $3.00 shipping.

Silver chain necklace.  One silver donkey that matches the Pin and Earrings (same donkey as the one to left) and two smaller brass/goldtone ones.  $12.00 each.  Shipping $2.00.

Placing a large order?  E-mail with your order and we can figure postage rate.  Rates reduce if you combine orders!
Pewter Pin, Slightly larger than actual size.